alveolar epithelium cells

alveolar epithelium cells
клетки альвеолярного эпителия

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  • alveolar epithelial cells — the cells of the alveolar epithelium; see type I alveolar c s and type II alveolar c s …   Medical dictionary

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  • Corneal epithelium — Vertical section of human cornea from near the margin. (Waldeyer.) Magnified. 1. Epithelium. 2. Anterior elastic lamina. 3. substantia propria. 4. Posterior elastic lamina. 5. Endothelium of the anterior chamber. a. Oblique fibers …   Wikipedia

  • type I cells — type I alveolar cells the flattened cells of the alveolar epithelium, distinguished by their greatly attenuated cytoplasm and paucity of organelles; called also membranous pneumonocytes and squamous alveolar or small alveolar c s …   Medical dictionary

  • type II cells — type II alveolar cells pleomorphic cells of the pulmonary alveolar epithelium that secrete surfactant and are distinguished by abundant cytoplasm containing numerous lipid rich multilamellar bodies; called also granular pneumonocytes and great or …   Medical dictionary

  • Olfactory epithelium — Section of the olfactory mucous membrane. Plan of olfactory neurons …   Wikipedia

  • Pseudostratified columnar epithelium — Transverse section of tracheal tissue. Note that image is incorrectly labeled ciliated stratified epithelium at upper right. Code TH …   Wikipedia

  • Junctional epithelium — The gingival sulcus (G) is bounded by the enamel of the crown (A) of the tooth and the sulcular epithelium. Immediately apical to the base of the pocket, and coronal to the most coronal of the gingival fibers (H) is the junctional epithelium. The …   Wikipedia

  • respiration, human — ▪ physiology Introduction       the process by which oxygen is taken up and carbon dioxide discharged. The design of the respiratory system  The human gas exchanging organ, the lung, is located in the thorax, where its delicate tissues are… …   Universalium

  • Tooth development — Radiograph of lower right (from left to right) third, second, and first molars in different stages of development. Tooth development or odontogenesis is the complex process by which teeth form from embryonic cells, grow, and erupt into the mouth …   Wikipedia

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